Beach Gear for the Whole Family

Beach Gear for the Whole Family

Preparing for a family outing to the beach can be a formidable task. Sure, if you live by the sea or spend a lot of time at the beach you might have it down to a routine. But the rest of us who only manage to see big water surfaces during vacations, it takes some time to get everything together. So to make things simple, here are the bare necessities for a day at beach with the whole family. Some of them you might already have in your home, some of them might be available at the beach, and some are easily bought in online stores like Thaynards.

First of all, you need a couple of beach towels. Sand is nice and everything, but if you lay down on it for long enough, it will get anywhere, and then it won’t be so nice. Beach towels need to be big, absorbent, durable and sand-repelling. So you can’t use a big bathroom towel instead of a dedicated beach towel, or you can but that would mean you didn’t have a proper bathroom towel in the first place.

Keeping to the theme of things you’ll need beneath you on the beach, some beach chairs would also be nice to have. You might rent them at some beaches, but if you have enough room in your car, you should bring your own. And another thing you’ll need between you and the sand are flip-flops, flip-flops for the whole family. They are the most practical footwear for the beach, and you should use them.

You’ll need things to protect you from the sun. Sunscreen is great, but you will need something to be a physical barrier between you and the sun rays, and for that end you have a couple of choices. Wide-brimmed hats are a must for your kids, because they will protect their heads, faces and necks from getting sunburns. Sunglasses are also a good thing to have at the beach. And while you’re stationary, you should get under a beach umbrella.

Now for the fun part – you’ll need some toys to play with at the beach. Well, the kids will need them, but hey, why wouldn’t you let some steam off in an all-out war against the kids with a water gun? Inflatable toys are also great for the beach because they don’t take up much space while they are deflated so they are easy to pack, and once they are inflated they will float on water, so you’ll be able to play with them in the water as well as on dry land. And let’s not forget the little builders in the kids, and give them some tools to build sand castles – sets of shovels, buckets and other necessary tools are easy to find and inexpensive.

Lastly, you’ll need something to pack everything into. Beach bags are a great way to carry your beach gear around, but depending on the amount of the gear you plan to bring to the beach and its size, you might need something more. Something like a beach cart, that is easy to more around the beach and can carry more stuff than a bag. And with that, you’ll be fully set to have some fun with your family at the beach.

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